Hamelin 2011


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July 21st to July 24th
7:00 PM
At The Theatre Center

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NewTeatro Theatre Company proudly presents Hamelin, performed in English and Spanish with surtitles, by celebrated contemporary Spanish playwright Juan Mayorga. Opening July 21st at The Theatre Centre and direction by Venezuelan director Francisco Orta.

Montero, a judge, receives a phone call on a Wednesday afternoon while on duty. It’s Gonzalo, an 18 years old who accuses a wealthy businessman of a crime committed to his family. While engaging with tremendous dedication to this case, Montero’s personal life at home with his wife and son greatly suffers due to his absence.

Hamelin is one of the most controversial and avant-garde plays written by Mayorga. The author speaks out on behalf of children who most of the time seems to be unheard. Furthermore, Hamelin is a beautiful ode to language and a metaphor to the known story of the pied piper who saved the city from rats. This piece will transport us to the old days of Sophocles, Shakespeare or Calderon when using only words and the complicity of the audience; the scenario is magically converted in a city invaded by a plague, a tempestuous ocean or a castle.

Continuing with NewTeatro’s tradition and tendency, especially created choreographic pieces will be integrated throughout the performance, enhancing the audience’s experience and perception of the play. NewTeatro believes that with the bodies, they’ll be able to communicate to everyone regardless of spoken language. Furthermore, to broaden the outreach to different audiences, this new presentation of Hamelin is bilingually performed and surtitled.

This will be the second season of Hamelin in Toronto after being greatly acclaimed in the 2010 presentation, which was also produced under the Toronto Arts Council support. Hamelin uniqueness will expose the audience to Hispanic Theatre while featuring a cast of returning NewTeatro established actors along with new talent under the forward-thinking direction of Orta.

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Peter Nelson

Peter is an actor who studied engineering in University and learned he prefers building characters to building bridges. He has been to LA this year as part of the LA improv festival and will appear later in the Summerworks festival in "Little Crickets". This year he appeared in the series "Dark Rising" in the recurring role of Vincent Vale. He lives in Mississauga with his wife 3 daughters and their pet Yorkie Mr. Jinks. Peter is a NewTeatro recurring actor, having participated in the 2009 presentation of The House of Bernarda Alba in the main role.

Julio Ospina
Rivas / Josemari

Julio Ospina began his career at a very young age. His first performance on-stage was with the opera “Carmen” as part of the street kids’ choir. He starts acting school  in 2005 at the University del Valle in Cali, Colombia under the direction of Ma Zhengong, Alejandro Gonzales Puche, and Canadian Everett Dixon, all of them graduated from the Russian academy of arts GITIS. He has worked in different productions such as “Roberto Zucco” playing Roberto, “Ashes to Ashes” from Pinter and most recently he debuted in Toronto with two plays from Spanish playwright Federico Garcia Lorca: “Blood wedding” (Leonardo) and “The house of Bernarda Alba” (Magdalena). Currently, He attends to the theatre and Drama Studies program at the University of Toronto where last year he wrote, developed and co-starred an acrobatic piece with no text as part of an investigation for an independent student production. He also takes in-camera acting classes and audition technique classes with award winner actor and director Walter Alza. He is working with NewTeatro since last year controversial “The house of Bernarda Alba”. This year he will be playing Rivas and Josemari in the recurring NewTeatro’s production, Hamelin

Jessica Allen

Jessica Allen lives in Mississauga where she is entering her final year of the University of Toronto and Sheridan’s joint Theatre and Drama Studies program. Her most recent theatre credits include: Theatre Erindale’s productions of The Women and their original play A Child of Survivors in which Jessica also served as dance captain. Dance being Jessica’s entry discipline into the performance world, she feels lucky to learn and grow with NewTeatro Theatre Company this summer – a company that is heavily based in movement / movement exploration. Mad love to Julio Ospina for wanting me to be here tonight.

Amanda Piron

This is Amanda’s first production with New Teatro! She is about to enter her fourth and final year of the Theatre and Drama studies program at both Sheridan College and University of Toronto. Her past roles include Edith in The Women (Theatre Erindale) and Ree in If (Playwrights of Spring). When she is not acting she can usually be found advocating and speaking at various events benefitting the MS society. Words I live by?

"Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things." — George Carlin

Genaro Vasquez

He began his theatrical career in the 80's. Studied Dramatic Literature and Theater, Mexico.
Has participated in performances, TV shows and Soap operas in Spanish and English in Mexico for Televisa.
When working as International Production Manager in Mexico, had the opportunity to work with Anthony Hopkins as recording session coordinator, as well than for Martin Campbell in the production of "The Mask of Zorro".
As voice over talent has participated on records and Radio Shows internationally; he also has lend his voice, acting in the Spanish Dubbing Audio Replacement market for companies like FOX, Warner Bros., Dream works; being the Spanish voice in Latina America for Disney's Lion King's character of "Rafiki", and thousands more. 
On the commercial side has lent his voice to TV Networks like: Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, TNT, Cinecanal, Moviecity, and an enormous list of clients and products.
He recently participated as an actor in the series: "Urban Legends" for the History Channel and has participated in a couple of performances in Toronto. 
Currently you can listen him on the Toronto Hispanic Radio as anchor of a show.

Letticia Recalde

Letticia Recalde

Christian Aduna

Currently, Christian Aduna is attending his last high school year at The Art School @ Marrocco where he has been involved with the drama program since 10th grade. In 2006, he debuted with NewTeatro with the children play “The Adventures of Uncle Tiger and Aunt Rabbit” under the direction of Francisco Orta. He played “Andre’s mom” a monolog in the presentation of “Noche de Teatro III” Christian has also appeared in  various music videos. In 2010, he returned to NewTeatro to be part of Hamelin performed in Spanish and now for the second season, which will be his first English play.  He is young with a lot of dreams and ambitions, being one of them to work in TV.

Luis Rojas

Luis Rojas

Diego Jácome
Stage Design

Diego Jácome

Design Signs

Angela Thomas

Angela Thomas