Las Aventuras de Tio Tigre y Tia Coneja

Francisco Orta
Uncle Tiger

Francisco has a long history with the arts with special focus in theatre, with studies in Venezuela, Spain and most recently, Canada. Since his arrival in Canada in Dec. 2005, has been actively working on establishing himself as an active theatre artist. The first year he decided to broad his acting knowledge by enrolling at The Toronto Film School where he focused his attention on acting for camera. In addition, he took classes at The Professional Actors Lab and flamenco classes with Esmeralda Enrique. At the same, in 2006, Francisco founded NewTeatro Theatre Company with the specific purpose of promoting Latin American theatre and opening a space for new talents. To date, he has directed and produced plays such as Divorcees, Evangelists, and Vegetarians, The Deceased Woman and The Adventures of Uncle Tiger and Aunt Rabbit, appearing in the latter two. In 2009 was the turn for the highly acclaimed The House of Bernarda of Bernarda Alba and in 2010 the modern piece Hamelin, 1st piece fully performed in Spanish with English Surtitles; project that was awarded by the Toronto Arts Council. Currently we are re-mastering Hamelin for 2011 with a totally new approach and partial cast. Francisco also appeared at the Hispanic Fest 2007 with his mime character Antonio

Francisco has collaborated with DramaWay, a theatre company that addresses the needs of challenged teens. He has held acting classes for children at the Spanish School Center in Etobicoke. In 2007 Francisco and his company were awarded a Certificate of Recognition from the Association of Hispanic-Canadian Teachers (APH-C) for contributing to the promotion and enhancement of the Spanish language in the city.

Claudia Rivas
Aunt Rabbit
Christian Aduna
Aunt Turtle \ Uncle Gator

Currently, Christian Aduna is attending his last high school year at The Art School @ Marrocco where he has been involved with the drama program since 10th grade. In 2006, he debuted with NewTeatro with the children play “The Adventures of Uncle Tiger and Aunt Rabbit” under the direction of Francisco Orta. He played “Andre’s mom” a monolog in the presentation of “Noche de Teatro III” Christian has also appeared in various music videos. In 2010, he returned to NewTeatro to be part of Hamelin performed in Spanish and now for the second season, which will be his first English play. He is young with a lot of dreams and ambitions, being one of them to work in TV.